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Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball (2021)

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball (2021)

Michael Davis

What do you want in a golf ball? Distance? Spin? Feel? Srixon’s Z-Star XV has it all in one outstanding model that has been majorily improved for 2021.

The Z-Star XV model maintains Srixon's SpinSkin stopping power & control round the green, but in a 4-piece construction for maximum distance with your woods and irons. That's everything we want from tee to green.

Key features and benefits include:

  • FastLayer Core has a soft centre and grows progressively firmer for speed & distance
  • SpinSkin with SeRM is a thermoplastic urethane cover that gives you more spin control
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern reduces drag and boosts lift for easy distance and straight flight
  • Premium 4-piece construction helps you generate distance with woods & irons
  • Available in a maximum greenside spin Z-Star model

Whether you opt for the Z-Star or Z-Star XV balls, you know you'll be getting unbelievable performance.

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball (2021)


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